Local SEO

Local SEO is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors By


How To Rank Your Local Business

Higher Rankings on Major Search Engines

The foundation of a great local SEO campaign is an optimized Google listing. Edifydog has perfected the creation, verification, and optimization process for our clients. When it comes to local business advertising, an accurate and informative listing on Google is as valuable as having an ad in the yellow pages.

Google receives about 68% of all web searches. When you narrow that down to all local searches, the percentage increases significantly. This is why Edifydog puts a lot of effort into making sure your Google+ Local page is 100% complete, verified, and optimized by completing the following tasks:

  • Selecting the proper Google categories that correspond to your business

  • Creating keyword-rich content for the business description

  • Adding optimized images

  • Adding accurate business name, phone number, address, website URL, and email

  • Adding your hours of operation

  • Adding a descriptor to your business name based on guidelines and need

  • We also create, optimize, and verify your Bing Places listing in much of the same way as described above.

Get More Business

Edifydog exists to help local businesses gain high exposure in search engine results. Whether you’re a plumber, dentist, attorney, carpet cleaner, general contractor, etc. We will help your business achieve an established online presence using our proven formula.


An effective Local SEO campaign is critical for any small business that wants to succeed. Think of Local SEO as today’s yellow page directory. When a homeowner’s kitchen sink starts leaking, they simply go to the computer or grab their smartphone and search for “plumber.” The search engine provides the homeowners with a list of local companies that can help. The homeowner contacts their favorite one.

Google and Bing! have made this process so easy that it has become the modern day standard. Our optimization techniques help your small business stand above the rest by using a proven formula that includes the following three critical aspects:

  • Optimizing your Google listing

  • Creating a large quantity of quality citations

  • Creating a search engine-friendly landing page for your business

Accurate Business Listings

Using our service means that your business information is verified and stored in one central location: our database. From there, your business information is pushed to the major local online directories to ensure accuracy and consistency. No more wrong phone numbers and outdated addresses published on important online listings.

Edifydog creates listings for your business on many of the web’s most popular directories in order to create trust with the search engines. Our proprietary process ensures that your business information is accurate and optimized on every listing we create.

We also submits your business information to Factual. Factual is an online business database that makes its information available to dozens of popular online directories. This one submission creates many valuable directory listings for your business.

"While our live listing rates are very impressive, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will become listings"

Great First Impression

No website, no problem. Edifydog can create a beautifully modern landing page for your business. Our landing pages combine all the essential search engine optimization elements that are needed for great rankings and content that drives conversions.

Getting your business high rankings is only half the battle. The other half is giving your potential customers more information about your business once they’ve found you. Once a potential buyer clicks on your listing in search results, you need the tools that will help convert them into a buyer.

This is why a conversion-focused landing page or your website is essential to your success. Edifydog provides its clients with landing pages that are designed to:

  • Rank well in search results

  • Mobile optimized pages are built using a responsive WordPress template

  • Provide essential information about your business to your customers

  • Allow your customers to easily contact you

  • Display images and video

  • Convert browsers into paying customers

  • Drive leads - landing pages have a lead form that is linked to your email address